There is a lot of streaming providers are there in the market but titanium tv is the latest one which is raising huge in the market. Titanium tv is the best provider for watching Movies and TV shows for your android devices. Normally It’s designed for android devices but you can use titanium tv on Chromecast, and Windows, iOS, Amazon firestick etc.

More people will love watching movies on a big screen for this they are showing interest in watching movies in theaters. So by using titanium tv not only can watch in android devices you can able to watch favorite movies and TV shows on big screen. For this, you need to follow some simple steps.

Titanium tv app is a user-friendly app. You can easily download and install it on your devices. For this, we need to say thanks to developers. Easily you can watch movies on Firestick and Chromecast with the help of titanium tv. Everyone having a smart tv or LED tv with HDMI port, So easily they can stream movies on Chromecast. There is a lot of ways are there for using titanium tv on Chromecast.

If you wanna watching movies or TV shows on a big screen this is the best option for you. Whenever you want to watch movies you can. Because offline mode option is there for you. If you don’t have time to stream the movie better you can download it now and watch it later. Here I am going to explain downloading and installation process of titanium tv for Chromecast. Let’s have a look.

Actually, there is a lot of ways are there in the market. As per my knowledge here I am giving a best and easy solution for downloading titanium tv on your Chromecast.

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Stream titanium tv on ChromeCast:

  • This is the first method I am telling you here. Here we are not using any third party application. Before watching movie Chromecast should connect to WiFi.
  • First of all, Download the Google HOME App on your Android device and setup Chromecast to connect. Must both connect to same WiFi.
  • Once it connected, Open titanium tv on your android device.
  • Later you can choose whatever you want to stream movies and TV shows episodes. Keep it on the mobile Home screen.
  • Next top up will come including player Option. On the top side of the menu will find Sharing Logo.
  • Download titanium tv on firestick
  • After finding the logo, just click on it and select the Chromecasts which you want stream titanium tv.
  • So immediately you can find the movie on your Chromecast TV which is you open on android device.
  • Now you can keep mobile outside because movies will not play on Chromecast. By using mobile you can operate your tv.

This the simple process you have to follow for Chromecast. We are not using any third party application here. No need to take any burden while watching titanium tv on Chromecast.

ALLCAST for streaming titanium tv Chromecast:

Before going to discuses frothier more, we need to discuss the ALLCAST app. It’s a third party application which provides mediator for between Android devices and rook, Chromecast. It means By using ALLCAST app you can stream anything from android device to Chromecast.

  • So will follow the below steps to using titanium tv for Chromecast.
  • First of all, kindly install ALLCAST app into your device from google play store, it’s free of cost. Same time install titanium tv for Android device.
  • After installing the ALLCAST app just open it. It will take surrounding devices from there you can choose your Chromecast name.
  • Next step, Open your titanium tv app and choose your favorite streaming movie and TV show.
  • How to download titanium tv on chromecast
  • After selecting the movie you can choose again with languages, subtitles, and video quality also.
  • Once the process is over you can stream the movie on TV through Chromecast.

Note: Before connecting android device to Chromecast make sure that both connecting with same WiFi networks.


These are the best solution for getting unlimited movies and videos through titanium tv on Chromecast. Hope you Understand the tutorial.

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